Let’s Get Into the Basics

Welcome to the third post! Recapping from my previous blogs; I talked about what UX design is and how it’s use in combination to front-end developers. I also shared specific links and info about what a front-end developer is.

For this blog, I will get into specific skill set that makes up a front-end developer. Typically, a person enters into the field of front-end development by learning to develop HTML, CSS, and JS code, which runs in a web browser, headless browserWebView.

A basic skill used by front-end developers and most importantly most know is HTML aka Hyper Text Markup Language. This is used to code the structure of a website:

  • What is HTML?
    This video is a great starting place to understand what HTML is. The expert in this video does a great job of what explaining HTML.
  • Learn HTML in 12 minutes
    In this video, it shows a computer tool/ program such as a notepad being used to code HTML and how it looks like when you publish it into a web browser. This video covers the very basic of HTML.

Second, CSS also known as Cascading Style Sheet. This is a code that is used to style the look and feel of a web page. Basically, it’s another layer of code that is used to control text sizes, colors, and layout of the web page:

  • What’s CSS?
    This short video explain what CSS is by showing simple elements.
  • Learn CSS in 12 Minutes
    Another introduction to CSS and explains how to use CSS codes. This video uses illustrations of how CSS works with a website. The person explains well using great viual aid in the video.

Lastly, JavaScript. JavaScript in short as JS is the code that is used to code the functions, interaction and actions of a website:

  • What is JavaScript?
    This video perfectly explains what JavaScript is. The expert in this video gives a brief and informational explanation of what JS does. He also shows great examples of JS being used and what it does.
  • Learn JavaScript in 12 Minutes
    This video teaches the basic of JavaScript in 12 minutes. The videos shows the basic and general coding of the JS language. This coding language is more advanced and is widely the focus of what front-end developer does. One thing to note is that this language is very heavy and has a large library. The code is complex as the expert in this video explains.

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